When Are You Finished With Therapy?

In January 2018, I had just been dumped (seven days after New Years), I was working a job I hated, I was still living at home, and I was so depressed that the only options I saw for my future were to start therapy or suffer a nervous breakdown. I could feel the breakdown looming … Continue reading When Are You Finished With Therapy?

Forgive Yourself

Everyone in all the self help books and healing books and blogs and therapy tell you the same thing. They always say that in order to move on from the grievous situations in our lives, we must forgive. Through forgiveness we release any negative emotions we once held on to, and by doing so, are … Continue reading Forgive Yourself

Depression Deconstruction

One of the most prominent thoughts I've had during my depression was a sense of deconstruction. Instead of seeing my home as my home, it was only a building with four walls. It was knick-knacks and glass windows. I saw the house as it had been in the past. I thought about all the people … Continue reading Depression Deconstruction

Book Review | The Lotus Effect

  “By the same token, you aren’t information; you are that which is in formation—the indefinable essence that manifests as thoughts, feelings, and sensations. In short, you aren’t mind, you are the consciousness behind it.” ― Pavel G. Somov, The Lotus Effect: Shedding Suffering and Rediscovering Your Essential Self  Author Information This book, written by … Continue reading Book Review | The Lotus Effect