Nothing Is Okay

“I wish him a lifetime of safety and platitudes, a soundtrack of fluorescent lights humming. I do not wish him me, though. Never me again.” Dry Cake Wishes and Tap Water Dreams Rachel Wiley speaks to everyone who has ever been made to feel like they weren't good enough in a past relationship. And … Continue reading Nothing Is Okay

Pages And Poetry

Ever since I was eight years old I wanted to grow up to be a cigarette Because it was the only thing my father could never abandon. -The Heart of a Comet, Pages Matam I would love to post a picture of him, but they are all copywrite and I don't want to steal anyone's … Continue reading Pages And Poetry

I am

   I Am, A Poem I am a jazz heart, slow rainy rhythms and black silk stockings. I am late night rendezvous, the girl you never get to know completely. I am the sound of heels on cobbled streets, the flutter of fear before a first kiss. I am steady logic, cold heart, warm hands; gentle … Continue reading I am