Vintage Pittsburgh 2019

You may be wondering why my blog's title is Antiquarius. What does it mean? Where did it come from? Why, Kat, why? Nobody actually cares, Kat! Get on with the article! I'M GLAD YOU ASKED! Well let me tell you. Antiquarius was born of my love of astrology and history. Antiquary or antiquities are two terms… Continue reading Vintage Pittsburgh 2019

Pittsburgh Light Up Night

Last Friday, November 16th kicked off the holiday season with Light Up Night sponsored by Comcast. The festivities began at 5:45 with the first lighting of one of the many trees around the city, and ended at 10:00 with a spectacular fireworks display over the river.  We arrived around 7 and were not disappointed by… Continue reading Pittsburgh Light Up Night

I am

   I Am, A Poem I am a jazz heart, slow rainy rhythms and black silk stockings. I am late night rendezvous, the girl you never get to know completely. I am the sound of heels on cobbled streets, the flutter of fear before a first kiss. I am steady logic, cold heart, warm hands; gentle… Continue reading I am