The Best Workout For Aries

  In March, I signed up for an ILoveKickBoxing trial; a chain gym that specializes in teaching kickboxing techniques as a form of cardio. It was definitely an experience. I've never been to a gym before, and being the daring Aquarius I am, I decided I wanted to try something outside of the box for … Continue reading The Best Workout For Aries

Mercury Rx in Pisces

It's happening again. Every four months or so, Mercury goes retrograde and the world goes into chaos. According to Bustle, The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, and data, which means that all of these things can be affected by the retrograde period. Have you been feeling like everything you say is wrong? Have you been … Continue reading Mercury Rx in Pisces

Get to know me(me)

Hello lovelies! I figured it was about time to put a face to this blog, and to make a get to know me post to share a little bit about me. Is it better to remain anonymous on a blogging platform? Like wearing a mask, does it make it easier for everyone to relate to … Continue reading Get to know me(me)

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is like going to get a tooth pulled, it hurts like hell, and the anxiety prior to and following the retrograde is almost unbearable, and yet you know it's probably for the best and the benefits of going through the uncomfortable time will result in you being a much happier and healthier person. … Continue reading Mercury Retrograde