Bullet Journaling For Beginners

Hello, lovelies! Perhaps you've seen the recent trend that has been sweeping the internet. Bullet Journaling has become quite The Thing within the past five years, and really, does anyone know why something becomes a trend? Usually not. But this is one trend that I totally get and fully stand behind. Bullet journaling can improve… Continue reading Bullet Journaling For Beginners

Antidepressants Killed My Creativity

I used to be very depressed, and very anxious. There was a voice in my head constantly berating me and degrading me, telling me I wasn't enough and I shouldn't even try. I projected that negativity onto everyone around me, but mostly I projected it onto myself. But that voice did something else too; it… Continue reading Antidepressants Killed My Creativity

I am

   I Am, A Poem I am a jazz heart, slow rainy rhythms and black silk stockings. I am late night rendezvous, the girl you never get to know completely. I am the sound of heels on cobbled streets, the flutter of fear before a first kiss. I am steady logic, cold heart, warm hands; gentle… Continue reading I am