9 Tips On How To Lead A Balanced Life

Juggling a blog, prepping for graduate school, book writing, my job, and a relationship is a lot of work. How does one make time for everything? It's enough to make even the most type-A personalities shiver with fright! My personal tarot card for the year of 2019 was Temperance, a card of balance and moderation. … Continue reading 9 Tips On How To Lead A Balanced Life

When Are You Finished With Therapy?

In January 2018, I had just been dumped (seven days after New Years), I was working a job I hated, I was still living at home, and I was so depressed that the only options I saw for my future were to start therapy or suffer a nervous breakdown. I could feel the breakdown looming … Continue reading When Are You Finished With Therapy?

Things I Learned In 2018

This has by far been the most transformative year of my life. I feel like the wall between who I was and who I want to be was finally smashed into dust. It was painful, yes, but I have come so far. There is no doubt that I am a different person. One who is … Continue reading Things I Learned In 2018

Tips to Save More Money

  Hello, lovelies! It's time for another finance post. I thought I would share with you some tips I have discovered during my twenties that have really helped save me some money over the years. If you'd like to see more finance posts, leave a comment down below and I will be sure to write … Continue reading Tips to Save More Money

Loneliness in Adulthood

“He who cannot howl will not find his pack.”  - Charles Simic When we were younger, making friends seemed easy. You were forced to spend your time in school surrounded by a diverse group of people, and through this consistency of presence, you figured out which groups you wanted to be a part of and … Continue reading Loneliness in Adulthood