Antiquarius Is Moving!

Hi everyone! The past year and a half have been such a good learning experience as far as blogging goes. I am so lucky to have such a kind and supportive base of readers, and I would like to share some big news with you all.

I will be moving to self hosted starting in June!

Antiquarius will now be called Kat Rampage, and my new site will be available at The site is up and running, so feel free to hop on over and subscribe via email for updates.

It will still be the same style of writing and content, but I wanted to truly own my site and everything on it, opposed to “renting” the space from

For those interested in the deets, I chose Siteground as my self hosting platform, and now blog through The transition was so confusing at times, but I finally have a site that I am proud of and excited to share with you all.

If anyone else is interested in switching to self hosting and is in need of some information, let me know. I’d be happy to help in any way I can. I can even write a post on how to switch, if that is something you are interested in.

My posts will still be readable in your reader, and I’ll still be able to read all of yours too.

Come along on this new journey with me!

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