Manifest That Good Shit.

woman sitting on sofa while looking at phone with laptop on lap
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Starting something new is such a rush. The initial interaction and flood of likes and comments can make anyone feel successful, but eventually that new car smell is going to fade. It’s going to be up to you to keep that enthusiasm going. There are going to be days when you don’t want to work on it, and days when you feel under appreciated and overlooked.

Starting something new, be it a blog or a passion project, can make you feel like it’s always going to be that easy, and that’s simply not true. But that’s ok.

Passion projects are a journey. You can’t sustain that level of high emotions for long, and that’s totally normal. Eventually the good high feeling is going to crash and things will feel ordinarily drab again.

If you stop working during this plateau, you will not see the results you long to see.

So get excited at the launch of that new site, or that new book, or that new project, but don’t become discouraged when the hype wears off. As the creator, it’s up to you to carry that same enthusiasm inside every step of the journey.

It’s like having faith in yourself. It’s easy to believe in yourself when there’s no conflict, but true self-faith comes from knowing you can even when you are in the heart of the fire and facing something that seems insurmountable.

And the feeling of accomplishment that will come after you pass those hurdles will feel like success.

And that’s the good shit.

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