Don’t Worry, You Aren’t Missing Anything

It’s a Friday night and you are sitting at home alone in your room. You are overwhelmed by a panicky feeling of isolation, loneliness, and regret. What you are experiencing is FOMO; The Fear Of Missing Out.

I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. You feel this way because you want to be out there in the world enjoying your weekend with friends or special someone, and instead you are home alone on a Friday night. You might as well be buried alive. No one knows you are there. No one knows you exist, and it seems like no one cares. It’s an awful way to feel. I get it.

But listen.

There are humans all over the world in different states of self-acceptance, personal development, and social integration. Sometimes we feel lonely, and sometimes we crave human interaction. Have you ever been in a room full of people and still felt utterly alone? Maybe that human interaction we crave is from a certain person.

The question becomes; do you crave to spend time with yourself? Do you enjoy your own company? You should! We all should. When we can sit in silence with ourselves on a Friday night, and not worry about all the things we may be missing, then we will know contentment. It’s ok to feel this way, but don’t beat yourself up over it. Don’t think you’re a loser just because you are spending a Friday night at home. Don’t think you don’t have friends, because no one is truly alone. The aliens watch us all the time.

If you feel this way, have you tried reaching out to some of your friends? Is everyone busy? Ok, don’t take it personally. Sometimes people have plans that don’t include you. That’s ok. What are some things you can do to make yourself feel better? Take a nice bath, try out a new makeup trend and take selfies to post on Instagram, bake some chocolate chip cookies and read a new book.

The feeling of missing out, or regret, is one of the worst things we as humans can experience (barring getting our hearts torn out, physically, through our chests). Just make sure that the things you are pining after are worth your emotional energy. Do you even like to party? Do you even like those people? Do you even want to put on pants? Do you even want to join that group where everyone has a crush on Zoey and completely ignores you because you’re the ugly friend? I’ve. Been. There. And believe me, you can have way more fun baking chocolate chip cookies and reading a new book. Because fictional characters can’t break your heart, and you don’t even really like Zoey anyways.

Do you know what you could also be doing while everyone is out partying? Work on something that you truly care about, something you are passionate about. For me, that’s writing. I actually get excited these days when I have a free Friday because it means I get to spend some time baking chocolate chip cookies and working on my fiction writing. That is enough for me to feel content. So find something that will make you truly happy and do that instead. Forget about Zoey and her numerously beautiful selfies and realize that just because you aren’t where the shit is happening doesn’t mean you’re missing out on anything.

You are cool. You don’t need anyone to validate that. Just do your own thing and you’ll be ok.

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