The Best Workout For Aries

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In March, I signed up for an ILoveKickBoxing trial; a chain gym that specializes in teaching kickboxing techniques as a form of cardio. It was definitely an experience. I’ve never been to a gym before, and being the daring Aquarius I am, I decided I wanted to try something outside of the box for my first time. The thing is, most exercise routines bore me after a week.

Kickboxing is anything but boring. At first I was hesitant to hit the punching bag because I was worried it would topple over and I’d embarrass myself in front of all the other gym bunnies, but by the end, I was wailing on it like it represented my ex. All of the anger I always bottled up inside was allowed to spill forth in a glorious, sweaty, assault on the sand filled beanbag.

And in that moment, I thought, “wow, this would be a great workout for Aries“.

Why? Because let’s face it. Aries have a lot of anger issues. It doesn’t matter where Aries is located in someone’s chart. If you’ve got an Aries sun, moon, rising, or mars, you’ve got some anger issues. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just because you guys are so passionate about life and your opinions! God help the person who butts heads with these rams.

I don’t have any Aries in my chart. I have different fire signs, in the form of Sagittarius moon and rising. That’s an entirely different headache that I might discuss at a later time, but for now, let’s focus on Aries, because that’s what Aries likes.

Let’s examine the nature of an Aries individual

They love being the center of attention in a fun and exciting way. There is never a dull moment with an Aries. They can make an argument about arugula interesting. They are the spitting bonfire, constant energy. They are the new spark of a fresh relationship, the fun experimentation of living. They like looking good and being seen. They like it fast, fun, and on their terms.

So what better exercise for these rams to run with than kickboxing.

You can get out all that excited aggression, and look good doing it.

Let’s discuss ILoveKickBoxing

I loved the class. It was fun, positive, and unique. It worked all my muscles and pushed me into the burn zone. I felt like I got the best workout of my life! The girls who worked there were inviting and encouraging, always making sure we were doing the correct poses and positioning.

And then they got to the hard sale, and that’s when our exercise hardons went a little limp.

$150 a month.

That’s how much it costs to sign up for ILoveKickboxing.

I liked the class, but not for that price. What I think is that it was a chain that started somewhere in California where the rich people could afford that amount. They tried to expand to rural areas and didn’t want to drop their prices. I think they’ll find that country folk such as myself can’t afford that amount for a gym membership.

they offered a special first day discount where they would take off $150 too, but in order to get that special deal, you had to prepay your first and last class. Which meant they expected people to shovel out $300 right out of the gate, with only one training class under our belts. Not to mention, they offered 7 month and 12 month memberships. You do the math.

That’s a lot of money.

So I took my gloves, found a coupon for Dick’s Sporting Goods, and decided I was just going to buy my own punching bag. I had the experience and technique from the class. I could do it on my own. But that’s my Aquarius talking.

I know Aries love being in group settings where they can show off and mingle with other hotties. So you do you, fam! The class really is motivational and keeps pushing you.

Do you have any experience with ILoveKickBoxing? What are your thoughts? 

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