Vintage Pittsburgh 2019

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You may be wondering why my blog’s title is Antiquarius.

What does it mean? Where did it come from? Why, Kat, why? Nobody actually cares, Kat! Get on with the article!

I’M GLAD YOU ASKED! Well let me tell you.

Antiquarius was born of my love of astrology and history. Antiquary or antiquities are two terms relating to old things, and Aquarius is my zodiac sign. Being a bibliophile, of course I smooshed the two together to make up a word that didn’t exist. (although upon researching, there’s a band by the same name, so they must be pretty rad. Idk, I’ve never actually listened to them. But we are not affiliated in any way). I love smooshing words.

So naturally I am in love with anything from history. I began collecting old books after reading The Club Dumas a few years back, but my obsession with old things has gone back well before that. (Hello, Oddities was my favorite tv show, thanks).

V I N T A G E  |  P I T T S B U R G H


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I happen to live in a pretty cool city with pretty neat events that take place every now and then. One of which is the Heinz History Center’s Vintage Pittsburgh; a vendor market with over 40 cool shops selling anything from fashion to kitchenwares. The catch is that everything sold is vintage, retro, or old as balls. Cool, huh?

As an employee, I got to sneak into the event before it officially opened, which means I got first glimpses (and dibs) on all of the stuff. But like a good samaritan, I didn’t buy anything until I went on my lunch break. I went down first thing with the intent to take some awesome pictures for this post, but was so overwhelmed by the awesomeness of it all that I…forgot to take pictures. (Although I later saw some cool hipsters with their phones out taking videos for the vlogs, and had to laugh).


I had my eye on a few key pieces, mainly a set of two gorgeous old picture frames, but as mentioned above, I bided my time and told myself that if they were still there when I went back, it was meant to be and I could buy them. Well, they were still there when I went down at lunch, so I grabbed them up, along with a fur shrug that actually fit me!

V I N T A G E  |  F A S H I O N

Ok, let me just say, I in no way support the fur trade. I do not buy new furs. But a vintage fur has been in circulation for so long, it would be a shame not to honor the animal that died for fashion. Please don’t come after me, PETA. I’m a good person, I swear!

I will also say, it’s very hard to find vintage clothing that fits the plus size community. Mainly because women used to be pretty skinny, by default. So when I saw that this fur was actually my size, I couldn’t pass it up. I’m not sure if these stores at Vintage Pittsburgh make their clothing to look like vintage clothes or if they are actually vintage, but either way, it’s sometimes hard to find larger sizes. (ok, not sometimes. All times. If you know any plus size vintage clothing stores, let me know in a comment!)

I know Torrid has a retro line currently on sale, and Modcloth has been known for their retro clothing, but I find Modcloth sizing to be sporadic and extremely overpriced for the quality. And Torrid’s retro line seems more costume than everyday wearable.

The other thing I loved about Vintage Pittsburgh were the people. There is such a unique crowd that comes out of the woodwork for VP. The fashionable pinups, the retro punks, the 40’s hipsters. I love them all. There were actually a number of women there in full retro fashion! It was so inspiring to see women rocking the retro looks.

There’s a lot to love about retro fashion (even if women’s rights back then were not up to the same level of appreciation). The dresses, hats, gloves, and shoes were all so flattering and feminine. It’s a shame that modern opinion now considers anything retro as “cosplay” or somehow alternative to mainstream since so much of the older styles were so beautiful. There is a small niche of people who rock this look with no concern for public opinion, and to them I give all the kudos. Pinup fashion is especially high on my list of best fashion trends to ever resurface, right along with the 90’s grunge-punk look.

V I N T A G E  |  T E C H

The other notable section of VP was their vast selection of tech. For anyone interested in old cameras and photography, they had original polaroid’s, agroflex’s, and other brands which I completely forget now. But they were all boxy and black with silver bits and flashy things. Yep. I noticed several vendors carried several different types of camera, all at reasonable prices.

I also saw two or three typewriters and I was so very tempted to purchase one in particular which was light blue and appeared to be from the 50s. It was gorgeous and would have made for some lovely pictures, but I already own one typewriter for photoshoot purposes, and therefore at this time could not justify buying a second one. But if there are any collectors out there with an interest in typewriters, you should definitely check out VP next year.

Overall, Vintage Pittsburgh was a huge success and I can’t wait for next year’s fair. Do you have an interest in vintage apparel, tech, or books? Check out Vintage Pittsburgh for yourself. It’s a fun day adventure perfect for families or a date. There were also plenty of eateries located on the first floor. I got some fried bread dough from the Italian Bakery to share with my coworkers and volunteers.

Did you go to Vintage Pittsburgh? Tell me what you thought! I’d love to hear some feedback for the History Center!

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6 thoughts on “Vintage Pittsburgh 2019”

  1. I thought that was what your name mean– “Antiques with your astrological sign.” I too collect old stuff. I have a corona typewriter, vintage cameras, bottles, copper, utensils, tea cups, art in old frames, wooden tennis rackets, baskets, postcards, stamps, jewelry, and hundreds of vintage books. My house is like an antique store combined with modern stuff. Usually young folks don’t appreciate antiques. Glad you do. I started collecting when I was around ten with antique jacks, a cream pitcher, and old coins. It’s fun.


    1. Hi there! Isn’t collecting antiques so fun? I love it. I mainly collect old books from the Pittsburgh area. I love the history behind a book. Thanks for the comment!


  2. Hi Kat, I really enjoyed this post! I love the photo frames you picked out and found it really interesting learning more about your blog name (such a creative name!). Pittsburgh seems like a really cool place for vintage shopping. I definitely want to start getting more into buying vintage items, I love how unique the pieces you bought are!


    1. Hi Madi! If you still live in the area, I highly recommend Vintage Pittsburgh! It’s hosted every year in March.

      Have a lovely day!


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