Successful Authors From Fiction

As writers, we draw inspiration from all over the place. And throughout fiction, you can see representations of our noble craft portrayed in various ways that can serve to motivate and encourage anyone who decides to make writing a career. Let’s take a look at some of the big ones!

Joan Wilder | If you’ve ever seen Romancing The Stone, you know what I’m talking about. Joan Wilder is a goddess amongst fictional women, and so very relatable. A successful author living in New York, Joan gets sucked into an adventure and romance of her own when her sister is kidnapped. But what I love about her representation is that she is just as real and human as anyone I know in real life. She always forgets to buy tissues, her best friend is her cat, she’s in love with her main character, and she isn’t practical at all.

Joan Wilder: “Those shoes were Italian.”

Jack T Colton: “Now they’re practical.”

Vicki Sprantz | Troop Beverly Hills is one of those movies that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. And while Vicki has a minimal role, I find her very inspiring. She manages to portray the normal life of a romance author in one or two scenes, and like Joan, she’s successful too! She’s making bank off her writing, not like any of those portrayals of starving artists that have to sell the shirt off their back to afford dinner. She has a fabulous style, is up on the new trends for note taking with her handy voice recorder, and she openly talks about her craft, even so far as to let her daughter give her some steamy input into her writing, as she suffers from momentary writers block.

Maddie | Hush is by far my favorite movie in the whole world. It’s a horror movie that is fresh, exciting, and powerful. Maddie is a deaf writer who lives out in the middle of the woods somewhere, and while the movie is about her surviving a killer, her writing plays a major part in the movie. So, not only is she a writer, but her writing career actually plays a crucial role in her survival. That just blows my mind! Of course Kate Siegel helped write and direct the movie, so that’s also probably why it’s so good. And once again, she is another successful author! That’s three successful female authors all in a row! She’s got one book out and is working on her second when this movie picks up, and at the end, it’s her skills as a writer being able to see every possible ending to her situation, that ultimately ends up saving her life.

Jo March | The original gangster. I remember watching and reading Little Women growing up and having it totally reshape how I viewed life and the world and everything in it! Nothing is more powerful than the bond between sisters, and Jo March manages to capture that beautifully in her telling of her own story. This book predates some of the others, all the way back to the Civil War, but nonetheless, Jo is able to move to the Big Apple and get her works published. You get to see her struggle through publishing cheap thrills for magazines, all the way to her getting her first book deal with her powerful telling of her life story.

Friedrich: “Jo, there is more to you than this. If you have the courage to write it.”

John Watson | For anyone who has seen the rebooted modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes, you will know that John Watson is a blogger. What an innovative way to update his writing habit from the original stories where he would pen his cases with Sherlock and “get them published” as you read his stories from the first person point of view. John Watson is a doctor who has a penchant for writing, and blogging is such a good fit for his modern character. Once again, he is successful at what he does!

Hooray for successful authors being depicted in fiction! Do you have any authors from fiction that didn’t make the list? Share them down below. And if you are a writer, don’t give up! If they can do it, so can you!

Take care, and don’t forget to take your medications!

5 thoughts on “Successful Authors From Fiction”

  1. Giamatti as Miles from Sideways; The Secret Window with Johnny Depp, Young Adult with Charlize; There’s lots more but I have writer’s block right now. The character, Joan Wilder, inspired me to write suspense mysteries–one trilogy published. Writers make good characters in stories as they are quirky.

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