Pictures With Text Vs. Blank Pictures

Bloggers of all shapes and sizes! Gather for today’s poll!

I have a question.

Do you prefer posting images with the title of the blog post on the picture? Or do you prefer to post a blank picture in all its splendor, with the title above the image?

I’m having conflicting feelings about how I’d like to continue doing the pictures on my blog, because to leave them blank means not having a watermark, and not having a watermark means they may end up on a site like weheartit, which is the bane of the internet and never gives credit. But to add the title and watermark takes away from the beauty of the pictures themselves.

Thoughts? Opinions? Share them, please. I could really use some guidance, and I’m sure the new bloggers out there could use some too.



7 thoughts on “Pictures With Text Vs. Blank Pictures

    1. Interesting! Thanks for the comment. All the photos I use are original, and I guess I’m just worried about them being sucked up into the internet credit eater machine if I dont post a giant watermark across them 😂


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