11 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Am I the only one who loves rainy days? I wish we lived in a world where rain was the norm and sunshine was a specialty. Something about the smell and the sound is just so magical. Thunderstorms are better still, as long as they aren’t the kind that rage through and knock down trees or flood the house (although power outages can be a lot of fun!). It’s certainly going to be a stormy day today here in Pittsburgh. They are calling for heavy rain and thunderstorms. Even tornados, which I was like, “lolwut”, because we never get tornados in Pittsburgh due to all the hills. But if they are calling for Pittsburgh tornados, it can be assumed that it’s going to be a doozy.

But what is one to do when they’re stuck inside the house while it downpours outside? Well, after I safely make it home from work and dash into my house before I get completely soaked to my bones, there are quite a few things I might do. But first, I’m probably going to put my hair up into a messy bun, take off my makeup, and jump into my favorite nightgown (Torrid’s Black Lace Racerback Sleep Chemise, if anyone is wondering, it’s the comfiest).

And without further babbling, here’s a list of my favorite things to do on a rainy day!


Oh yes, my favorite thing to do is obviously going to be creative. Rainy days are a great excuse to have a full-on fashion photoshoot. Put on some dramatic makeup and some funky clothes from the back of your closet, set up your camera on a self timer, and let the selfies flow! The gloom can create some really cool shadows and lighting effects. And if you feel really adventurous, you can even venture outside for some nice hipster rain dance shots.


The rain inspires me in a way that no other weather can. It brings me to a place in my memory, a nostalgic cozy into which I curl up and create. This time, instead of photography, you can channel that creativity a different way. Start a new novel, or write a short story you’ve had in your head. Never written anything before? Now’s the perfect time to start. Just sit down in a comfortable spot with some tea or chocolate milk, a pen and paper, and let the words flow. It’s amazing how inspiring the sound of rain can be. Here’s something to get you started: It was a dark and stormy night…

Movie Marathon

This one’s a given, right? What better way to spend the day stuck inside than with some of your favorite movies. My preference is to go to some of the oldies but goodies, the movies that remind me of magical times, or horror movies that fit the perfectly drab day. Make some popcorn, cuddle up in bed with your cat or bearded dragon, and enjoy doing absolutely nothing for a few hours.


Want to know what goes along with a movie night perfectly? Fresh chocolate chip cookies! That’s right, another great way to kill time is to do some baking. Nothing warms the soul when it’s cold and rainy out more than these soft delicious cookies. Or, look up some new recipes online to see what you can get into. There’s even edible cookie dough if you don’t feel like turning on your oven.

Online Riddles

Ever heard of Notpron? If you’ve never experienced the weird, freaky, and downright scary online riddle game, the next time it’s looking a little gloomy out, give it a try. It really engages your brain and makes you think about things from difference perspectives, all while delivering creepy music, sound effects, and images to really set you on edge. I wish there were more online riddles like this. If you know of any others, leave a link down in the comments!

Read a book

Yes, of course this would make the list. There is something so very magical about reading on a rainy day. For me, I like to reread my favorite books and relive the magic of my younger years on the rainiest of days. Harry Potter (Chamber of Secrets is the best! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!), Redwall, and the Abhorsen series are always nice rainy day choices, but for more of a mysterious read, I always like The Club Dumas, Sherlock Holmes, or Dan Brown.

Play an instrument

Another creative outlet when you are stuck within four walls, pacing and screaming from boredom (that’s so dramatic. With the internet these days, do kids even get bored anymore?), is to practice an instrument. If you have one on hand, why not dig out that guitar and learn a few new chords, or learn a new song on the piano so that you can sound like the mad Phantom of the Opera as you maniacally pound away at the keys as the rain pours down. My favorite is the violin. Don’t have anything to play? You can find pretty cheap instruments on amazon.

Sort out the kitchen cupboards

Do you know how satisfying it is to sort of the kitchen cupboards when you’re bored? So satisfying! You can put all the foods that are going to expire in the front and all the new cans in the back to optimize your spending, and think of some great dinner ideas in the process. I also just love cleaning up the kitchen in general. It’s an area that gets junked up a lot and it feels so fulfilling to see a nice shiny counter top. (Like, seriously, when was the last time you cleaned your stovetop? Don’t lie. It’s been a while.)

Clean out your closet

This one is best done to some awesome music blaring. Reach into the dark spiderweby corners of your closet and dig out all those clothes that you haven’t touched in years. Make it fun, have a little fashion show while you sort through items! And the ones that don’t fit? Toss them in a pile for the Goodwill. Someone out there would surely love your adorable blouse that no longer fits much better than the dust mites, girl. After the rain is done, you can wear out some new outfits that you forgot about.

Watch the rain

This is honestly one of my favorites. It doesn’t rain often enough for my tastes, so when it does, I like to fully experience it. I like to sit down near an open door or back window and watch the rain fall. It’s fun to see all the animals splashing around as they duck for cover, and the birds flying from wet branch to wet branch. And if there’s thunder and lightning, it’s so cool to see the purple streaks across the sky. Sometimes that’s all I do, with no music, no tea, and no distractions. The world looks so different and inspiring when everything is dripping with magic.

Spa day

And lastly, we have an oldie but goodie. Hosting a spa day for yourself is something that we should all do more often. Physical self care is very important, and we often move so quickly that we forget to slow down and take the time to love ourselves. Use a rainy day to dig out those skin exfoliants, face masks, and body butters. Light a candle and put on some nice relaxing music and sink into the cozy feeling of being inside while it’s miserable out. After you refresh your skin, you can paint your nails, or settle down into bed with your favorite vibrator, and enjoy the rest of your evening! There’s never any rush when it comes to rainy days. That’s what’s so great about them. It gives you an opportunity to do all the things you actively put off until later. Ever heard the phrase, “save it for a rainy day”? Well now it’s time to cash in, so enjoy.

What are some of your favorite things to do on rainy days? Leave your comments down below. I’d love to hear from you!

Take care!

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