Sunday Pep Talk | You Are A Goddess

Hey, girl. Never forget you are a goddess. Out of all the possible souls to inhabit a body at this given point in time, you exist. YOU! There is no one in the whole wide world like you.

Did someone knock you off your cloud? Forget them. You don’t need that sort of negativity in your life. Why? Because You. Are. A. Goddess. Say it with me. “I am a goddess”. Don’t ever forget that. You deserve to be treated with respect. You deserve love. You deserve nice things.

If you are having a bad day, take some time to self-worship. Make self-care a ritual. Light a candle, put on your favorite music, reconnect with who you are. Do the things that make you feel good. Drink some water, take a nice hot shower, moisturize your skin, do some stretches or yoga, eat some comfort food. Remember that you are connected to everything and everyone. You are part of the universe. You exist. You have the power to create the reality that you want to live. You are a goddess. Never forget that.

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