Who Should You be Writing For?

Hey there, friends!

I have recently been going through a period where I’ve been very hard on myself about this blog. I wasn’t entirely sure what direction I wanted it to take, and ultimately, I ended up feeling like I should be posting what people wanted to see instead of what I truly felt inspired to write. And that really defeats the purpose of blogging, right? I have my own unique voice, so why would I try to mimic other blogs? This blog is not going to be exactly like those other lifestyle blogs out there, because I’m an aquarius, a free spirit, and stubborn.

Instead of worry about what I think others should be expecting from me, I should focus on the kind of content I would want to read as a consumer. No, I don’t want to read about the same sort of lifestyle over and over again. I want to read experiences that I relate to. But it’s difficult to be consistent with something like that when you are, yourself, inconsistent. But I suppose that is one of those life lessons I have to overcome if I ever want to be successful in life. I have a real problem with finding and using my voice.

If you create a certain type of content that readers love, and then stray from that to create something else you fancy, will your readers stay? It’s a difficult thing to approach, but I suppose one must ask themselves who they write for. And the answer in my case should be, I write for me. And the readers who it resonates with will stay, and those who do not relate to it will leave, and it’s as simple as that.

How many bloggers or writers out there feel pressured, once you find a reader base, to produce things based on what they want as opposed to what you feel like writing? Is that comparable to sacrificing your voice for your business or brand? Or is it an inevitable thing that every creator faces?

4 thoughts on “Who Should You be Writing For?

  1. I blog for myself and others, so I have separate blogs, one is my main blog that I post what I want to, and the other is a community operated blog that has lots of tips and tricks for bloggers.
    Whenever I feel pressured to blog, that’s when I take a break from blogging, and when I find something I want to blog about, I write it.


  2. In this situation, I think it’s good to remember why you started your blog in the first place. And to remember that it’s not meant to be a stressful experience, but something enjoyable! Oh and I hear you about being an ‘inconsistent’ person!! I could write about 3487573 different things, because as a person I am 3457384 things… ! But like you said, the world would be boring if everyone wrote the same thing, in the same way, over and over again. So maybe it’s not such a bad thing. Keep being you! 🙂


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