Sunday Pep Talk | SAD

I know the winter can be a tough time to get through. A lot of people suffer from seasonal affective disorder. In other words, we get SAD. But don’t let that get you down. Every winter is followed by a spring. Think of winter as a time to go inwards and work on internal things, so that when the nice weather and sunshine comes you can stretch your limbs and shake off those winter blues and embrace the new blossoming of nature with your own internal blossoming as well.

Whatever you’re working on? Keep going! You’re doing great! That little voice inside your head that’s telling you to be saaaad, tell it to kindly be quiet. Ain’t nobody got time for that! You just keep on trucking along, little trooper. Things will be ok, even if it doesn’t seem like it right now.

Think about what you need to accomplish. Don’t dwell on it! Just think about it. Will it help to make a list? Make a to-do list! What do you want to accomplish today?

  1. Get out of bed
  2. Make your bed
  3. Brush your teeth
  4. Take a nice hot shower
  5. Breathe lots of love in, and lots of love out
  6. Make that phone call you need to handle, you’ll feel much better after it’s done
  7. Text a friend, just to say hello. Maybe they need to hear it today
  8. Eat some healthy food
  9. Take a walk in nature
  10. Put on your favorite song and dance around your room
  11. Take a drive and scream at the top of your lungs
  12. Tell yourself nice things

Whatever you need to do today, or this week, you’ll get it done. Don’t stress about it. You are awesome and you are doing your best. Just remember that nobody has it together 100% of the time. Take it one step at a time. It’s ok to fall, as long as you pick yourself back up and keep going.


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