How do you find magic? | Neil Gaiman Pittsburgh

“How do you find magic? How do you find adventure? You go out and you make it and you make it for other people.”

It was such a privileged to be able to see Neil Gaiman speak in Pittsburgh a few years ago. If someone were to ask me when I decided I wanted to become an author, I would have told them it was when I heard him speak, because he put something into words that I had felt for a very long time but didn’t know how to recognize; what happens when you can’t find the magic?

You create it yourself. And for others to experience.

Becoming an author was never something I thought real people did. Being an author, in my mind, was always reserved for this special niche of people who were born into a different world than people like me, people who had the privileged life of being able to create fairytales for a living. Of course, like so many others, I had romanticized the career. The truth, however, is that anyone can be an author as long as they work hard. No one can tell the stories I can tell. If there’s one thing that I want to do before I die, I want to create stories for other people to experience and share. And if I inspire someone else in the process, then all the better. So thank you, Neil Gaiman, for inspiring me. I think about what you said that night on a daily basis and it pushes me to be what I always wanted to be.

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