Book Review | Many Lives, Many Masters


I think this book would have been much better had it not been for the preachy opinionated presentation of cliche and unoriginal past life stories. One of the recurring past life experiences touched upon by the author was that of Egypt.

Egypt? Really? Everyone always jumps straight to Egypt when talking about former lives or a desire to have been present in a past environment. Just like every person that is new to Wicca and is searching for their one true goddess always seems to come up with “Isis” cause it seems like a great choice. Nope, it’s unoriginal and cliché. Everyone would like to believe that they were, at some point in their lives, members of the great Egyptian empire, responsible for building the pyramids and bathing frivolously in the nile river with bath oils and warm honey. Why don’t we ever hear about reincarnations from an Inca llama herder, or an Indian toilet cleaner, or an eskimo who couldn’t kill any whale and whose family starved to death? Huh? It’s always “Egypt” and “Greece” and “French Militia”.

Secondly, the lessons that the “Masters” present in this book are nothing more than an excuse for the author to spew his personal beliefs about how he feels life should be lived and what really exists after death. The “true” story of a prominent Psychiatrist, his young patient, and the past life therapy that changed both their lives? They should’ve labelled it “fiction” and spared us all from the subjective ramblings of a magna cum laude MD who felt like sharing his personal beliefs with the world.

Should you read it?

Only if you want to waste an afternoon of your life inside the head of an amateur writer with a lot of opinions.

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